The Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics in Mumbai offers a complete range of solutions for all your hair woes. Not only does our team of experts excel in hair transplantation, we also provide treatments that can help your hair grow naturally. One among the various treatments we offer is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

For long, PRP has widely been used in orthopaedic medicine for the treatment of joint injury and delayed wound healing. However, in recent times, it has been observed by physicians around the world to stimulate hair growth as well.

The Procedure:

PRP therapy is an injectable treatment that uses a patient’s own blood. Some amount of blood is first taken from a person. A portion of plasma enriched with platelets is then separated from the cellular component present in the blood by rapidly spinning it. During the process, the platelet enriched plasma becomes naturally enhanced with growth factors and anti-inflammatory elements – the components responsible for the healing and growth functions. These special plasmas are then injected into the scalp area with the help of a thin needle. The growth factors in your blood cells do the rest of the job and hair growth is naturally stimulated.


PRP therapy when performed along with hair transplant can give wonderful results. It plays an important role in hair restoration surgery. The benefits of PRP can briefly be summed up in two points:

  • Firstly, it serves as a viable holding solution for harvested follicular unit grafts before implantation.
  • Secondly, injecting PRP into the recipient site after making the incisions can promote faster healing and better growth.

Furthermore, it can also help in stopping hair shedding, along with early signs of regrowth and increased length of hair.

Although the procedure (with all the needles and extraction of blood) may sound scary, it is perfectly safe and carries no risk. Since it is your own blood that is being used in the process, there is no side-effects of this therapy. It naturally stimulates hair growth and helps you in giving a natural and fuller look. Anyone experiencing hair loss can be treated with the PRP therapy, but those with signs of early hair loss are the best candidates.

However, this treatment requires a little patience and time on your part. Treatments are performed once a month for the first three to four months, and then every three to six months from thereon, depending on person’s response.