There can be many reasons behind a bad hair transplant, such as poor techniques used while performing the transplant, improper planning, or from transplanting patients who were not appropriate candidates for surgery. Majority of bad hair transplants are a result of using outdated methods such as “hair plug” procedures, mini-grafts or scalp reductions. We at the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics in Mumbai pay special heed to hair repair techniques and make sure that the mistakes of your past do not become an issue for the present.

The techniques for correcting the cosmetic problems caused by outdated hair transplant procedures have improved over the course of time. Today, we have a number of available methods through the help of which bad hair transplants can be corrected. Some of those have been mentioned below:

  • Masking old plug grafts by surrounding them with smaller and more refined micrografts can help you give a cleaner look. This is proved effective if the older grafts are not too close to the hairline. However, a patient should have a sufficient number of micrografts available to surround and mask these larger grafts. This technique is often termed as camouflaging, since it hides the bald area of your head.
  • FUE (follicular unit extraction) can be used to mask the donor scar by extracting hair from around the donor area and placing it directly into the area.
  • Laser hair removal is another technique that can be used to correct bad hair transplants. Hair can be removed using laser and then transplanted to correct the problem. Although there are many types of lasers, only some are useful for removing hair. To make sure that the procedure is well-performed, we, at the Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic, offer the best solutions for such problems.
  • Scalp micropigmentation, also known as hair tattoo, is preferred by many who seek to hide their baldness. It helps in giving you a fuller look, and restore your confidence.

People who suffer from inadequate or outdated previous hair transplants are encouraged to seek expert medical advice and correct their outdated or inadequate work. In today’s time, there is no reason for people to suffer from facing an embarrassment related to bad hair transplants. It is understandable that people who have had a negative experience with hair transplant surgery hesitate in getting help. But with the advent of technology, restoring hair has become easier than ever. Seek help now.