Women and hair. There has been a special bond between the two ever since the beginning of time. Healthy, dense hair are considered the precious possession of a woman and almost no woman can imagine herself without them. Be it long or short, black or brown, every woman loves her locks. While men baldness is a pretty common condition, women are not entirely untouched with the unfortunate loss of hair. With changing lifestyle, more women can be seen struggling with hairfall and signs of baldness. But here’s a big relief to all such women. At Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics, Mumbai, we offer expert solutions to all your hair woes.

Earlier, only male patients were considered suitable for hair transplant procedures. However, with modern advances, more female patients have been undergoing hair transplants as well. Male hair loss is chiefly caused by genetic factors, while female hair loss depends on medical conditions too, such as, low thyroid or iron levels, hormonal imbalances such as elevated testosterone, binge dieting, and pregnancy.

Which Women Make Suitable Candidates for Hair Transplant?

Women whose hair is thinning on the scalp, or who have lost some but not all hair owing to burns or other scalp injuries, can go for hair transplant. Here is the list of specific conditions that make a woman a candidate of hair transplant:

  • Women looking for a restructuring of their hairline.
  • Women who are facing hair loss owing to mechanical or traction alopecia (non-hormonal).
  • Women with a pattern of baldness, akin to male pattern baldness-hairline recession, vertex thinning (on the crown or top of the scalp), and a donor area that is averse to getting affected by Androgenetic Alopecia.
  • Women suffering from hair loss thanks to trauma like burn victims and women with scars caused by accident.
  • Women who underwent cosmetic or plastic surgery in past and are facing hair loss around the incision sites now.
  • Women with traction alopecia or alopecia marginalis.

Hair Restoration Options for Women

Female hair transplant options are often the same as their male counterparts. A surgeon decides whether Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the better option for a particular candidate.

Woman can undergo hair transplant for two purposes:

  • To reconstruct a receding hairline.
  • To treat patterned baldness.

At times, female hair loss differs from male balding. Hence, there are certain differences between male and female hair transplant, such as:

  • Women often do not mind donor scars.
  • Women have higher scalp donor availability.
  • Women cannot use body hair.