Beard is and has been a symbol of masculinity for as long as one can remember. Much has been written and said about the charm of a beard. However, not all are blessed with a lush beard. The growth of beard depends on various factors including genetics, electrolysis, surgery, laser hair removal, burns or injury. Simply put, some are not as lucky as the others. If you are here, it means that you too are among those. But it does not mean that there is a need to worry about it. Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics can help you with your dream to grow a full-grown beard, or even cover your patchy one. Beard transplant is a procedure that can work wonders for thickening up facial hair.

Beard Hair Transplant Procedure:

The procedure followed for beard transplant is the same that is used for any other facial hair transplant. Using FUT (follicular unit treatment) – where a strip of tissue is harvested from the donor site – or FUE (follicular unit extraction) – where individual hair follicles are directly harvested from the site – it has become possible to grow a beard of your choice. You can opt for any shape you want, it simply is not a problem.

Following the procedure, the hair will shed itself off within two week’s time. You need not worry about the shedding hair, as it is a part of the process. In next three months time, you will have your desired beard. Just like natural beard, you can shave it how and when you need to.

It should be noted that beard transplant can lead to several side effects, ranging from redness and pain at the recipient site to infection or scarring. It is highly advisable to contact the physician in such a case.

The Flaw:

At times, the colour of one’s beard hair is different from that of their scalp’s hair. In such a case, it is advisable to not carry out a transplant in case of a patchy beard, since it would lead to highlighting these discrepancies.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost:

The cost of beard transplant varies on the density of beard you need. The cost is estimated on the number of grafts used, which depends on your want. More hair on chin means you will have to spend more. Usually, around 1200-1500 grafts are required for a goatee, which is far less than 2500-3000 grafts needed for a full-grown beard.